Tummy Tuck Cost

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tummy-tuck-costA tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, used to be an elective surgery for the rich and famous; however, in Richmond, Virginia, our doctors have made the cost quite affordable for the average working man (or woman). Prices for a tummy tuck surgery vary widely, depending on the area, the expertise of the surgeon, and what procedure is needed.

Candidates for this course of action include people who bear too much weight and people who have trouble achieving a flat, toned stomach with diet and exercise. Pregnancy, aging and genetics can all be reasons to look for an affordable tummy tuck.


The average cost of a tummy tuck is $5,241, according to a 2012 American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics. This reported number is the surgeon/physician fee only.

You will be paying more when hospital fees, anesthesia fees, prescriptions for medications, post-surgery garments and other necessary medical tests. When a plastic surgeon’s office creates a quote for a patient, it usually contains all fees. Our staff can assist you with a payment plan to keep the surgery affordable.

An Investment

The tummy tuck is an investment in the way you look. Although you have to keep up maintenance, such as eating a healthy diet, deciding to proceed with an abdominoplasty is very similar to buying a new car. You are investing in your future. Yes, for a few years you will have an affordable monthly payment; however, once the bill is paid, you have lasting results. It will be a sigh of relief when you can walk around with lasting results that are fully paid off. Maybe it’s about time to get that new car. Are you investing in your future?

Professionalism and Cost

Your satisfaction is our utmost goal. We bring a caring staff, professional services and low-cost plastic surgery procedures. Regardless of how big or small the surgery is, we still offer the same degree of care to each patient.

In Richmond, Virginia, our doctors are here to serve you. Contact us at (804) 823-2091, and we will guide you through advanced preparations before your surgery. Our dedication to perfection and unmatched personal care will provide you with the best results you can achieve through a tummy tuck.